Art Fairs: An Overview

It’s summer and it’s time to travel. For many galleries and collectors, that means art fairs across the country and around the world. For beginning and experienced collectors alike, these events are a great way to see a broad range of high-quality art in a single location. And it’s fun-the opening night previews, in particular, are typically gala events that offer a first opportunity to purchase artwork before the fair opens, as well as a party to remember.

Many of the most important fairs-the London Art Fair, TEFAF Maastricht in the Netherlands, Bridge Art Fair and Scope in New York, and Art Basel in Switzerland-already drew record crowds this year. But many great fairs are still to come. To stay informed and plan your travel, check out these sites: and

Along with the opportunities these fairs present, there are financial and legal risks associated with purchasing art in foreign countries. Art attorney Denise Alter describes some of these risks and what collectors can do to protect themselves in Buying Art Abroad: Buyer Beware.

The article Are Art Fairs Good for Collectors? gives a glimpse into one collector’s world, from his personal approach to collecting to helping his in helping to sponsor the Bridge Art Fair in London.