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Business Know-How for Collectors of Fine Art

Artelligenz is an online trade magazine for collectors and collecting institutions that provides:

Featured Collection: The Hess Art Collection

An intimate look at a world-class fine art collection on the grounds of a romantic winery in Napa, California

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Featured Collection: The Microsoft Art Collection

A look behind the scenes of one of the world’s most significant corporate collections

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Art Fairs: An Overview

In the Summer Edition, Artelligenz explores various facets of art fairs more» [3]

Are Art Fairs Good for Collectors?

How one collector’s expertise helped his company benefit from art as well more» [4]

Buying Art Abroad: Buyer Beware

While shopping at international art fairs, keep these critical points in mind more » [5]

Art at Work: An Introduction

Highlighting corporate collections accessible to employees and the public more » [6]

Seven Ways Collectors Can Harness the Internet

Discover the best virtual resources in the world of art and collecting more »

What Online Research Won’t Tell You Can Hurt You

Keep googling, but know when to call an appraiser more » [7]

Should You Worry about Art Theft? The Importance of Provenance and Good Title

Common misconceptions about art theft and strategies for protecting your collection more » [8]