August 2007 What’s Up at Sothebys?
Sothebys ups guarantees, buyers premiums. More »

August 2007 Art Market Apprehension
How turbulence in global financial markets may affect the art market. More »

August 2007 (More) Art Market Apprehension
In the face of volatile financial markets, will collectors pull back? Will sellers stop consigning or rush to sell? The speculation continues. More »

August 2007 Big Business in Stolen Art
Get an overview of the scope of art theft, the people who commit it, and efforts to contain it. More »

July 2007 Another Resource to Ensure Authenticity
The Art Loss Register has started listing suspected fakes in its database. More »

July 2007 What’s Going On?
Just how skewed are the relative values of postwar and contemporary works of art in relation to those of the old masters? More »

July 2007 Consignments 101
Artinfo article on what you should know before selling your art. More »

July 2007 Sales of Russian Works Slowing
At recent auctions, top works break records, but many others unsold. More »

July 2007 Who Knew?
Tate is not a museum and could lose privileges as a result. More »

July 2007 Trend of Art as Investment Grows
Hedge funds expand beyond stocks and bonds. More »

July 2007 The Problem with a Collector-Driven Market
And Art Newspaper editorial… More »

May 2007 Private Collectors Drive Up Prices
As art boom continues, public museums are getting priced out. More »

April 2007 Boom in Bloom?
“The whole collector-dealer model has irrevocably broken down — which oddly enough is why the boom market can go on for quite some time.” More »

April 2007 Sotheby’s Offers Art Credit Cards
Invitation-only card offers special perks to collectors. More »

April 2007 Upcoming Auctions Expected to Topple Records
Rare Warhol coming up for sale and other news. More »

April 2007 Tomorrow’s Old Masters
Which contemporary artists will stand the test of time (and money)? Here’s betting on 20 British artists.

March 2007  Invest in the Next Big Artist?
Advice on making money by buying emerging artists. More »

March 2007 Japan
Japan is one of the last places where you have a long history of art, some of it quite good, with depressed prices. More »

March 2007 POP Art’s “Fizz” Stays Potent
Art Business News recently caught up with some of the high-energy Pop artists who will be exhibiting at Artexpo New York to gain their perspectives on an art movement that remains a force to be reckoned with. More »

March 2007 NY Times Select: For Newcomer, Cash Alone Is No Key to Art World
Many dealers sell new works to longtime clients before they are shown to the public; a system of waiting lists and pecking orders has developed. More »