August 2007 Fight over Barnes Collection Continues
Opposition to keep Barnes Foundation collection from moving, against Barnes will, continues. More »

August 2007 Tax Policy and the Impact on Donors
Canadian art donors frustrated by tax rules, museums and galleries worried. More »

August 2007 Definition of “Structure” Basis for Decision
Collector must remove massive Kiefer sculpture from his property. More »

August 2007 A Dangerous Precedent?
Canadian War Museum adapts texts on Dresden firebombings in response to political pressure. More »

June 2007 Extension of Import Restriction from Peru
United States and Peru Extend Agreement to Protect Archaeological and Ethnological Heritage of Peru. More »

July 2007  Italian Grandstanding over Cultural Policy?
Are Italian politicians using conflict with Getty to play to home audience for political gain? More »

July 2007: “Tomb Raiders” Face Increased Enforcement
Italy cracks down on art looting as illegal digs decline. More »

June 2007 Alarming Ruling on Ownership?
Ruling lets collector keep Warhol he bought from dealer who didn’t own it. More »

May 2007 Art Crime Ranks in Global Top Lucrative Crimes
Art crime—including stolen antiquities and traffic in forgeries—ranks as the third-most lucrative criminal activity in the world, behind only drug and arms trafficking.

April 2007 Artists May Get Tax Break
A bill has been introduced that would allow artists to donate their own works and deduct the fair market value from their taxes More »

April 2007 Taubman Memoir Offers Take on Sotheby’s Scandal
Convicted of plotting with his counterpart at fellow auction giant Christie’s to fix the commissions paid by sellers of fine art, jewelry, rugs and furniture, the former Sotheby’s chairman explains the role others played in the scandal More »

April 2007 Importing Foreign Artifacts: Archeologists vs. Dealers
In 2004, the Chinese requested a ban on the import of Chinese art and artifacts predating 1911, arguing that demand for such objects was spurring the looting of valuable archaeological sites in China. More »

April 2007 Germans Want Restitution of Pictures Seized in 1945
The National Maritime Museum in London has turned down two previous requests for restitution of works originally seized by the Americans More »

April 2007 Dispute Intensifies over Possible Pollock Paintings
At issue is the alleged sale of some paintings and the release of a report by a forensic scientist More »

April 2007 Detroit Institute of Art Gets to Keep Van Gogh “The Diggers”
The U.S. District Court in Detroit dismissed a claim by heirs of a German-Jewish woman from the Nazi era that a Van Gogh painting owned by the Detroit Institute of Arts since 1969 instead rightfully belongs to them. More »

March 2007 Artists Fights Forgeries of His Work
An artist is threatening to sue online auctioneers he alleges are failing to crackdown on phantom forgers. More »

March 2007 TV Art Scam Bilked Buyers of Millions
An elaborate scam operation involving the satellite television show ”Fine Arts Treasures Gallery” defrauded more than 10,000 people More »