July 2007 Dutch Museums Put Part of National Collection on Ebay
Between now and October 1,000 works of art, at the rate of 50 a week, will by auctioned on eBay. More »

May 2007 Alarms for Art
Affordable, high-decibel theft protection More »

May 2007 Museums Go on MySpace
Museums set up pages to entice younger users, complete with Web personas More »

April 2007 Ipods and Cellphones Join the Audio Tour
Popular technologies are guiding visitors through museums More »

April 2007 Getty Helps China Protect Important Sites
With more 492 caves, containing Buddhist wall paintings and sculptures, carved into a cliff, tourism at Mogao has ballooned from around 50,000 visitors in 1980 to more than 300,000 today. The Getty is helping to determine visitor management strategies to avoid raising humidity, carbon monoxide, temperature and dust to erosive levels. More »

March 2007 Museums Want Public to Annotate their Collections
Museums are rethinking their online collections. They are experimenting with one of the hottest Web 2.0 trends: tagging. More »

March 2007 Adobe Tackles Photo Forgeries
Adobe Systems is developing photo-authentication tools that could match digital photos to the cameras used to take them and to detect manipulation of images. More »

February 2007 Sculpting Sound
Architect and jazz musician combines both passions More »